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A 24 Puzzle
Imagine you’ve kidnapped the President of the United States. You record her making a statement that, if published, will strengthen the international forces of evil. The military is about to blow up the building you’re in, so you have to get the video out electronically, but they’re monitoring your communications and will be able to put enormous pressure on anyone who receives a copy from you.
Here’s the question: in the few minutes you have before the building is reduced to rubble, where do you upload the video to maximize the chance that it will get published?
Alright, so your first inclination is to upload it to your servers, but that’s easy — they just seize your servers.
So you upload it to YouTube and have Google copy it to all of their servers. But then they just call Google and have them delete it.
Obviously if you had it on the front page of a popular website, that would solve things, but the front pages of popular websites are pretty closely guarded.
You could try mailing it to WikiLeaks, but although WikiLeaks is pretty openminded, they may not actually want to strengthen the international forces of evil. The same goes for any other particular free speech activist you could name — dst, Cryptome, etc.
Your best bet is probably to have a smart guy on the outside who keeps uploading it various places from behind Tor as older copies get deleted. But how many people have smart guys on the outside?
You could try spamming it to a bunch of blogs, wikis, and other sites (or even by email or IM for that matter), but that’ll take too long — you only have a couple of minutes and probably a flaky connection to boot. There’s no way you can hit very many servers.
You could publish it on a Tor hidden service, but then they’d probably just DOS the whole Tor network.
Freenet seems too small and unreliable. Other P2P systems don’t even make copies except on request.
Usenet seems like it should be a promising option, but does anyone use Usenet anymore?
More promising options seem like emailing it to some kind of large mailing list. But which list has the most insane free speech activists? (cypherpunks? lkml?) And will it mail out all those copies before the Feds get it unplugged?
How else do you get stuff onto lots of people’s machines? Web, Usenet, email, IM, HTTP access logs, DNS caches.
Can you think of anything better?
The current winner isAndy Baio with:
Upload it to Sharebee (which then sends it out to Megaupload, Rapidshare and a bunch of other anonymous hosting sites) and post the link to 4chan.  They’re big on evil over there.
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March  4, 2009